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A little ref for animation by SythMog
A little ref for animation
I'm trying out PAP4! Check it out. It's free animation software. It seems easy enough.

(This isn't animated. It's a reference.)
For you to join our group, we're gonna need to know some things about your OC!
This application will basically have you tell us what we need to know about your character,
as well as giving us ideas for what your base stats will be, and what abilities you may pursue later on.

To complete this form:
• Read the Rules and Regulations!
• copy this form, and paste it into writer
• Type in your answers next to the questions!
• Upload the finished form to your,
• Send the link via note the link to HiddenLanternVillage With the subject titled, "(your oc's name) Pre-member Application."

Here is an example of a properly filled out form!
I realize it's a little long, but it's to save you confusion and problems later on, trust me! Sweating a little...

I. Character Information:
Medical Information:
Ninja Registration Number: (a 6 digit number given to you by TraceofHatred Note him!)
Full Name: Akiko Aoki
Gender: Female
Current Age: 16
Birthday: April 4
Height: 152.4cm
Weight: 98 lbs 
Blood type: Aoki AB

II. Personality Information:
Hobbies: Binge drinking, Partying, Ritualistic Dancing, Visiting Shrines, Exploring Theology and Philosophy of the Afterlife.
Mannerisms: Hopping around. Skipping. Anything "kawaii" or hyperactive, really.
Likes: Bitter Sake. Dark colors. 
Dislikes: Prudes. Wasting life...or the perfect death.
Inspirations: Her uncle, her mother, and Wakana Aoki are her biggest inspirations. She finds herself quoting Wakana, "We are many leaves on the same tree" when talking about life's transience.  
Life Goals: To reach her sixth sense and see her moment of death before it happens (impudent little bugger, right?).

Akiko is a bright and friendly girl who spent most of her childhood being taken care of by her retired drunkard uncle (Well that took a turn). Radiant and plump-cheeked little Akiko had many midnight talks about the meaning of life with her uncle. The light would flicker on, and he'd be leaning there on the paper door, "Oji-san?" She'd always question from her cushy futon.

"Oji-san is here. Are you ready for story time, Akiko?" What that really meant (to her busy and working mother's dismay), however, was Akiko having to constantly confront the thought of death. Her uncle had been in many conflicts of the ongoing war, and the retirement was not willful, so he spared no detail when drunkenly describing his past that landed him slightly handicapped. Against tradition, this led to her uncle eventually being forced to move out of their residence by Keiko, Akiko's mother.

The mark was left. What was at first fear in Akiko grew into a strange love of the idea of the afterlife. She spent a good month thinking of spectacular ways to kill her cloth dolls and resurrect them in "magical rituals," so they could talk about how it was on the "other side."  It was only at 13 when she was introduced to what her life might hold for her as an Aiko clan member, and when she had her first taste of bitter sake. The famous tales of a sixth sense she might develop only egged her on, but her mother sought to nip these creepy ideas in the bud. Over the next three years, her mother began a home training routine in the nin arts to whip her into physical and mental shape for what the future might hold (afterall, she is basically a stick with arms and legs).

Additional information:
She's morbid, but people don't notice until they really listen to her. She's usually just passed off as the peppy cutie or annoying hyper girl, but when people actually listen they tend to choke as a reaction.

III. Stats and Abilities:
Keep in mind, this is tentative, your starting stats will be given to you to ensure everyone is equal.
but this is to let us know what type of shinobi you are (ie: taijutsu type, ninjutsu type, genjutsu type, etc).
Keep in mind you can always raise your stats later on by doing missions! these are just starting stats.

Basic Stats:
Rate each of the 10 basic stats to show which ones your character is good with, and which they are not.
Keep in mind, everyone has weaknesses! If you put everything as above average, we'll simply ignore it! :3
Ratings: Excellent > Above Average > Average > Below Average > Drop out > Incapable*
* Incapable means you cannot at all, like rock lee cannot do ninjutsu. Note: You do not have to be incapable at anything!
But keep in mind if you are incapable of something, you can never raise that stat! it is a permanent weakness!

Ninjutsu (nature/shape transformation, most techniques): Below Avg
Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat ability): Above Avg
Genjutsu (ability to use and/or resist illusions): Dropout
Tool (ability with weapons, tools, and traps): Avg
Speed (running speed, reflexes, dodging, etc): Above Avg
Intelligence (ability to predict, plan, and use logic, etc):Excellent
Stamina (how long it takes to become exhausted): Avg
Strength (how much damage you deal and take): Dropout
Chakra (chakra reserve, and how quickly it depletes): Avg
Seals (knowledge of hand seals, and sealing techniques): Avg

Chakra Nature:
Grade the five nature transformations from 1 to 5 in order of which you prefer your character to have,
keep in mind, you only get one! A rating of 1 = want the most, etc, etc, until a rating of 5 = want the least.
Chances are you'll most likely get the one you want, but this is in case everyone picks the same nature. xD

Fire: (rating of 1-5) 1
Water: (rating of 1-5) 2
Lightning: (rating of 1-5) 3
Wind: (rating of 1-5) 4
Earth: (rating of 1-5) 5

(She's an Aoki hopeful)

Kekkei Genkai or Clan Ability: Saidai Seigyo
Kekkei Genkai and hidden techniques are exclusive to Torogakure's clans, so to get one, you have to join a clan!
Please note that Founding Clans have a member cap of 16, and other clans have a member cap of 12.
You do not need to join a clan! but should you want to, here is a list of all of the clans, and their special ability:

Founding Clans:
Kitsune Clan: A clan of fox-like ninja who fight with a ninja foxes in battle using various combination attacks.
Asukai Clan: A noble clan of white and black haired swordsmen who fuse their chakra nature with their sword.
Aoki Clan: A clan of monks who practice how to enhance their five senses, and disrupt their enemies senses.
Other Existing Clans:
Uranami Clan: A clan of fishermen who have the ability to use their voice to perform a variety of techniques.
Hitoyo Clan: A clan of cat enthusiasts who dress formally, and use a mix of clawing and cat's eye techniques.
How do I join up with a clan?
Of course, you'll have to ask the clan leader for permission if you can join their clan, but keep in mind:
• If you join a clan, your last name changes to the clan name.
    -This means no unique last name, ex: All Kitsune Clan members have the last name 'Kitsune.'
• If you join a clan, you are family with the other members!
    -that means you have to look like them (Each clan has their own set hair colour, eye colour, and clothing).
• Joining a clan does not mean you get their kekkei genkai and all of their powers!
    -you have to learn them over time by doing clan missions, and growing as a shinobi!

If you are not part of a clan or don't wish to be part of a clan, just put 'None.'

Special Ability (coming soon!):
In the next month or so, we will be implementing a sort of 'class system' with skill trees.
Basically, It's to prevent everyone creating OP characters with every ability ever.

Each shinobi will have 1 specialty that gives them a unique edge in battle,
For example: A medical ninja, only a medical ninja can use medical ninjustu!
To gain and improve your special ability, you will do special missions,
a mission is like a theme, or idea that you have to make a piece (art or writing) from.
By completing missions you will receive ability points which you will use on a skill tree.
1 submission = 1 mission = 1 point on your skill tree. This feature will come later on,
but until then, we are curious who would like to be what specialty.

Please note: you don't start with your special ability, but which one do you want to aim for?
We ask so we can get an idea for what everyone wants, here is a list of all the special abilities:

There are 17 different special abilities (though 5 are clan-exclusive),
select 3 in order of which you want most, and place them below:

1. (most preferred choice.)
2. (a back up, in case you aren't allowed your first choice, unlikely though.)
3. (a last resort, or second back up.)

List of Specialties:
1. Signature Weapon Wielder: Use a unique weapon in combat (ex: sword, giant shuriken, staff, etc).
2. Scroll-based Weapon Specialist: Uses scrolls to summon multiple weapons projectile weapons.
3. Martial Artist: uses a variety of advanced Taijutsu styles, and Nintaijutsu techniques as well.
4. Medical Ninja: Not great fighters, but can do medical techniques, surgery, and use medical tools.
5. Sensory-type Ninja: Detect enemies with ease, hide your presence and fool others senses.
6. Puppeteer: Use combat puppets covered with hidden weapons, later on multiple puppets.
7. Elite Assassin (anbu equivalent): Corpse and evidence removal, tracking, and other elite abilities.
8. Illusionist: A variety of Genjutsu, including mind-reading, brain-washing, and torture techniques.
9. Fūinjutsu Specialist: perform a variety of seals (restricting chakra flow, teleportation, etc)
10. Summoning pact: A contract with a specific animal type and ability to summon them in battle.
11. Lantern Sage: A master of fireworks and lanterns, as well as being an important cultural figure.
12. Elementalist: Access to more nature affinities and incredibly powerful nature transformations.

Clan exclusive Specialties:
1. Yokai Kitsune Shinobi (Kitsune Clan only!): Fight with a fox partner with a variety of techniques.
2. Sword Skills (Asukai Clan only!): Weapon Skills and the ability to infuse chakra with your weapon.
3. Monk (Aoki Clan only!): Fight using a gentle fist style to disorient and assault the foe's senses.
4. Musician (Uranami Clan only!): uses a musical instrument/voice to do sound-based attacks.
5. Bell Shinobi (Hitoyo clan): clawing, doujutsu, and cat techniques revolving around wind ninjutsu.

IV. Character Design.
This is a new one - previously we didn't ask for a character design in our application,
but because a lot of people have been bypassing the traditional outfit rule - we're adding this.
The design must be a full body - Please take note to clan styles so you do not match them.
We're NOT asking for a beautifully done - fully painted, perfectly shaded and textured design.
But we'll need at least a legible, colored sketch of a finalized design - simply for rules and such.
Akiko Aoki by SythMog

If you do not draw - you need to find someone who can draw for you (friend or commission),
or you can ask one of the admins to do it - However - it needs to be done before you're accepted.
If you cannot color - or strictly do black and white traditional - just let us know, that's it.
One of the admins again - can create a digital version with color - you just need to ask.

To complete this form:
• Read the Rules and Regulations!
• copy this form, and paste it into writer
• Type in your answers next to the questions!
• Upload the finished form to your,
• Send the link via note the link to HiddenLanternVillage With the subject titled, "(your oc's name) Pre-member Application."

Here is an example of a properly filled out form!
I realize it's a little long, but it's to save you confusion and problems later on, trust me! Sweating a little...
Hopefully that wasn't too much, and thank you for joining Tōrōgakure, the Village Hidden by Lanterns. :iconsexywinkplz:
Sythmog's Application - Village Hidden in Lanterns
Hm... This is my OC, Akiko, and her app for HLV. I haven't heard from them, but I like her design. Maybe I should just re-purpose her. xD
Insert Offensive Text
  • Listening to: =
  • Reading: =
  • Watching: =
  • Playing: =
  • Eating: =
  • Drinking: =
Ahri Critique by SythMog
Ahri Critique
Is it fair to upload this? Idk. I should ask first... but... yea..

Here's the result of a critique I did. I'll ask and take it down if they say to.
104 deviations

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