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Rira Vaccine FlipFlop Stats by SythMog
Rira Vaccine FlipFlop Stats

Stat Changes:

(Changes on right side of equation)
Ninjutsu:     1.0 = 2.0
Taijutsu:      0.5 = 1.5
Genjutsu:    1.5 = 2.5
Intelligence: 2.5 = 5.5
Force:          0.5 = 1.5
Speed:         1.5 = 2.5
Stamina:      1.0 = 2.0
Seals:          1.5 = 2.5
Total:          10.0=  20.0

(Double Strength and Ready to Mingle :iconwaggleplz:)
"Limited Time Offer: If you remake your stat wheel to reflect these changes, then you receive a second solo mission! Make sure to use your OFFICIAL stat wheel "

*I will be making a minor edit to the "after" wheel to more accurately represent Rira's arc Intelligence stat change.

Tagged by Ruu-k , whom I just met but is already torturing me with tags :heart:xD


  1. No tag-backs~
  2. Tag at least 10 people~
  3. State 10 facts about yourself~
  4. Answer the questions by the people who tagged you~
  5. Make 10 questions for the people you tags~

Facts about Me

  1. I have three addictions: art, art, and painting.
  2. I am a serial hobbyist… And yet… I am mediocre in every single one :iconpapplz:
  3. Don’t take me swimming because I won’t get out when you do. Trust me. Lol.
  4. I just wish people would work together.
  5. Most of the time, I either think about thinking itself (metacognition), or I’m thinking about something tragic.   
  6. Do I know who you are and if you’re reading this? No, but I do care what you think, so… SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS!!! :iconimaginationplz: YAY. Did that change the tone?
  7. Researchaholic. Nuff said.
  8. I mostly live out of an orange and blue notebook. You can see what I do every day... down to times of laundry and art studies.
  9. Do you like the philosophy floating in the bubbles of a glass of wine? Me too.
  10. To spare myself emotional distress, I assumed you wouldn't read this far.


  1. Why are you on DeviantART?

Simply put, I yearn for validation, praise, and other forms of acknowledgment. I could go on about this for days, but I won’t here.

What you would like to work in the future?

What profession? My dream was to become a famed architect, but reality sets in rather quick in an intellect-based occupation. Otherwise? Just somewhere that I can really help others and add value to existence.

What's your favorite manga/anime?

I flirt with this thought about new favorite anime/manga stories all of the time, but I think I best resonate Ranma ½ since it was my… first. :iconwaggleplz:

What is your favorite art style?

Easy. Right now it’s semi-real fantasy/pinup.

Top Artists on dA.

depingo . Anna Steinbauer, an Austrian artist, impresses me more than anyone else on Deviantart. Just watching her work, hearing her thought process, and seeing her results fills me with admiration. You might notice my tagline is a homage to hers which reads, “Practice makes purple,” and I follow, “…and purple I shall make.”

A few others are Knockwurst, sakimichan, Sycra, elsevilla, and ShadowHachia because they have inspired me the most.

A country which you want to visit one day!

Japan… OTZ. Scotland is where my heart seems to reside, though.

What's your favorite song, or band/group?

Hm. Ellie Goulding’s whole album Halcyon.     

How you get inspiration?

DRUGS MAN.jk. This question cannot be answered simply enough for this post.

What's your favourite of your artworks?

I honestly can’t think of one. I am not even half satisfied with a single one.

Ketchup Or Mustard? LOL

I mustard the courage to ketchup to your final question, and my answer is… “…”

My questions


    1.     Who are you?

    2.     When did you submit your first deviation? Please describe the deviation.

    3.     What usually makes you feel better when you’re down?

    4.     “So… come here often?” ; D

    5.     If you could take a single quality from your favorite artist’s work, what would it be?

    6.     Who is your favorite artist(s)?

    7.     Why dA of all places?

    8.     If you could print 1 of anything from a 3D printer, what would it be?

    9.     Uh... something random... uh... Unicorns or hotdogs?

    10.  Don’t lists just irk you?

My tags


:iconmazical: :iconkayuunekochan: :iconax2050: :iconakiraii: :iconzeshroom: :iconshadowhachia: :iconcrossanima: :iconluisck::iconohaibecky:

(I’m not sure any single one here would do a journal like this, but these are the people who I would genuinely want to read this post about.)

  • Listening to: =
  • Reading: =
  • Watching: =
  • Playing: =
  • Eating: =
  • Drinking: =
Team Raiden WIP by SythMog
Team Raiden WIP
I think I went about this all wrong from step 1... lol. I guess sometimes you just want to draw things that are above your skill level? :iconpapplz:

Meh. It was fun to try.

Taichi belongs to Ruu-k, and Raiden belongs to kelsanity .

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